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Fly With The World's Punctual Airlines: Emirates And Etihad

January 19, 2023

According to research by the Official Airline Guides Database, Etihad and Emirates are the Middle East's most punctual airlines (OAG). Cheap airline tickets from Emirates and Etihad can let you travel to the place of your dreams.

Emirates And Etihad Takes You To Places On Time!

Yes! You have heard it right. If you do need to travel to places of your dreams, within the stipulated time frame then you do need to choose Emirates and Etihad Airlines that assures to make your journey more pleasurable within the short frame of time. They have been ranked as the best and the most punctual Airlines of the world that delivers the best service to gain the loyalty of the passengers.

According to recent data, Etihad Airways is the regional airline that will most likely deliver you to your destination on schedule. In its 2023 Punctuality League, which ranks the airlines' results from the previous year, global travel data company (Official Airline Guides Database) OAG dubbed the national airline of the UAE as the "most punctual airline in the Middle East and among the most trustworthy in the world". Only arrival data are rated by the airline league. In the global evaluation, Etihad ranks 19th, closely followed by Emirates at 20. OAG defines punctuality as showing up within 15 minutes of the time allotted, this is referred to in the research as its OTP, or "on-time performance." Emirates Airlines had earned 81.13 percent on-time arrival performance, while Etihad had scored 81.14 percent.

Emirates V/S Etihad Airlines: Which Is The Best And Why?

So, by now you might be wondering who is the winner of the two and why, right? There is no doubt that both these Airlines has been flying to places of their dreams and has been successfully catering to the needs of the passengers. Check these points below to know who stands out to be more effective in this Aviation business:

Emirates Airlines

Etihad Airlines

  • Emirates flies to 158 destinations across 65 countries
  • Etihad is currently flying to 67 destinations across North America, Europe, Africa
  • Emirates has 262 aircrafts in total
  • Etihad has 103 planes in its fleet
  • Emirates's check-in allowance depends on the fare bucket
  • Etihad's luggage policy is determined by weight
  • Emirates’ food menu is inspired by regional flavors and spices
  • Eithad offers specialized meals depending on passengers' dietary requirements
  • Emirates offers WiFi internet for the whole flight for US$9.99- $19.99
  • Non-elite economy class passengers of Etihad can pay to access WiFi, ranging from US$5.95 for 50MB to $29.95 for 300MB

As we can see, both these Airlines has been great in catering to the needs of the passengers. These are subjective, at the end of the day. For some travellers, food is crucial, but not for others. Someone will become fixated on the WiFi allotment, while someone another will look for the extra half-inch of seat breadth. Therefore, it can be claimed that both of these airlines offers excellent and distinctive services.

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Since we have come to the end of the blog, we hope that you do understand that both Emirates and Etihad Airlines has been great in their respective services and shall be continuing to do more for the benefit of their company. Keep flying to places of your travel bucket list with Airlines Trip! 


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