Airlines Trip- Covid Policy

Covid-19 Precautions and Care

As we all know how the 2019 pandemic set the world ablaze with fear of death and illness, stepping out of our homes and traveling became the most apprehensive decision. International flights being banned and travel being under extreme scrutiny, meetings and plans were being postponed to indefinite times. However, after gaining back the strength with a vigorous fight against the covid-19 virus, mankind is going back to what we now call the “new normal”.

Airlines Trip, on this occasion, ensures to abide by all the guideline policies that have been issued by WHO when it comes to flight travels. We are more careful than ever about the sanitization and cleanliness of flights so that our travelers can have a safe and secured journey. From mandating masks and PPE kits to RT-PCR tests for not just travelers, but also each one of our staff, we are trying our best to keep the virus off the bay.  

Health and Safety Policies

The following are some of the safety policies Airlines Trip is following in order to ensure a healthy journey for each one of you:

·         Travelers will have to have a Covid-19 negative report before traveling internationally.

·         Travelers with any visible Covid-19 symptoms will have to immediately cancel their onboarding or be isolated from the rest of the passengers.

·         Wearing masks and PPE kits are mandatory for all.

·         Travelling from or to countries and states with a higher risk of getting the disease will be restricted.

·         Consuming edibles will have several restrictions like the food type and sanitization.


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Please Note

As many countries have enforced Entry Restrictions for those who have recently been in affected areas, please ensure that you will be able to enter the country of your final destination.

Due to the rapidly growing nature of this global health emergency, a lot of information is quickly being issued from the airlines regarding travel waivers. While we will do our very best to update this page regularly with new information as it becomes available, we cannot guarantee that the information is entirely complete or current. So, if your travel was affected by the outbreak, but you do not see a waiver related to your flight here, you may want to check with your airline directly as well, preferably via its website.

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