Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Airline Trips respects the privacy of all sorts of information provided by our customers and strives to ensure that the appropriate protection is provided to every bit of information.

We are determined to meet and exceed the internationally accepted standards of privacy and protection of data, in order to comply with the law of confidence and/or as per the needs of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, regardless of which is applicable. In our endeavor to do so, we ensure that our staff complies with the stringent standards of confidentiality and security.

Personal / Corporate Information:

When you make use of our website, we may urge you to provide us with your personal/corporate data every now and again, which would include but would not be limited to:

  • Your private information like your name, sex, date of birth (DOB), passport details, or any other personally distinguishable number and/or information in regard to your status registration with any of our business/company associates;
  • Your contact details like your mobile numbers, email addresses, correspondence addresses, and fax numbers;
  • Your debit or credit card information and billing details, which include the name of the cardholder, card number, expiry date and billing address;
  • Your business-related information like name of the company, business title and contact information of associates;
  • Your travel details like information about the flight, personal information of travel companions (if any), contact details of destination, seating and food preferences, hotel and flight preferences, and any other information pertaining to traveler’s specific needs.

Purposes behind Collection of Personal / Corporate Data:

  • To compile the basic statistical database of Airline Trips, for example, number of users/browsers, number of times they visit, gender and vocation distribution of members and visitors.
  • To introduce you to appropriate services and products as per your habits and areas of interests and to provide the same to you consequently.
  • To fulfill the on-time delivery of services and products demanded by you.
  • To collect the number of your identity document for verification purposes.
  • To make it easy for us to substantiate and pursue questions and matters (which include but are not limited to arrear payments) in regard to any of your account that is registered with us or/and with any of Airline Trips’ holding company and associates. To meet this purpose, therefore, you hereby, permit us to provide, transfer and/or divulge all or any of your personal/corporate data to a third party(s) for the settlement and follow-up of the said questions and matters.
  • To facilitate the execution of any services or activities to be co-organized by our business partners and us.
  • To facilitate us to create and provide you with improved and more customized services as well as to make it easier for us to develop and promote the trade and business of Airline Trips.

Methods of Gathering Personal / Corporate Data:

  • The input of numbers and figures for all sorts of calculations;
  • Messages sent by you on our website;
  • Questionnaire(s) submitted by you on our website;
  • The communication via emails between you and Airline Trips;
  • The records of activities performed by you on our website;
  • Cookies files for storage and to keep track of your information sans your notice;
  • Any other means which provide reasonable access to the products, services or/and websites of Airline Trips to you every now and again.

Guidelines for divulgence of Personal / Corporate Information to Third Parties:

The personal/corporate data gathered by Airline Trips, our holding company, and/or our associates would be bartered when needed to fulfill any of the aforementioned purposes behind the collection of personal/corporate data and other arrangements and matters that can facilitate the said fulfillment.

The contractors and companies who render services to Airline Trips may procure personal/corporate data gathered by us to fulfill any of the aforementioned purposes for the accumulation of personal/corporate data and other arrangements and matters that can facilitate the said fulfillment. The data collected shall only be protected by their own rules for the protection of privacy. We shall, however, do our best to keep the accumulated personal/corporate data secure and confidential.


When you access any website or activate any link operated by others via Airline Trips, any of your personal/corporate data made public and/or collected by others because of accessing the said other website or link will not come under the protection and terms of our Privacy Policy.

Your distinguishable information will not be divulged to our advertisers. We will, however, send notice and mail or email to our target audience of the advertisements to provide statistical data of Airline Trips to them.

In regard to services or activities co-organized by us and our business associates, information shared will incorporate the personal/corporate data which is required for the execution of such services and activities.

To fulfill any of the aforementioned purposes for accumulation of personal / corporate data and other arrangements and matters which can make the said fulfillment easier and/or to promote any due diligent activity pertaining to any potential merger / acquisition / transaction(s) involving Airline Trips, we are authorized to transfer, provide and divulge any of your personal / corporate data collected as aforementioned to any person related to us, which include but is not limited to, our holding company, contractor, any agent, or third-party service provider who renders administrative, distribution, marketing and research, data processing, telecommunications, telemarketing, payment, computer, or other services to us in relation with the function of its business; our other business associates like land or sea transporters or air carriers, loyalty program operators and other such companies indulged in rendering customer service or meeting customer demands; credit referral agencies; credit, debit card companies and/or banks; non-government or government authorities, regulators and/or agencies; medical practitioners, insurers and hospitals/clinics.

We put our best foot forward to keep your collected personal/corporate data confidential and secure.

Other Information Collectors

Except if stated otherwise, the terms of this Privacy Policy presides and addresses only the usage and divulgence of the information which we gather from you. Pertaining to the information that you divulge to other parties, which include but are not limited to, the business partners, advertisers, our strategic alliances, or other websites on the Internet, different terms and rules shall be applicable on their respective usage or divulgence of your information. Third-Party Advertisers may make use of having their own rules and regulations included in their privacy policy. Since Airline Trips or/and its other related companies do not have any authority over the privacy policy of third-party advertisers, your information divulged to them is subject to the rules and regulations contained in their privacy policy. Therefore, it is advisable that you completely understand the outcomes of the rules and regulations of the privacy policy of other third parties prior to divulging any of your personal/corporate information to them.

While we do our best to keep your personal/corporate information protected, Airline Trips and/or its other related companies cannot give any guarantee when it comes to the security of any sort of information transmitted by you to us, and thus, it’s done at your own risk. Also, the third-party websites and their other services which are accessible via our websites or other parties that are gathering data related to sweepstakes, contests, promotions, etc., have a discrete and individual privacy policy and data collection methods. In no case should Airline Trips, its holding company, or/and other related companies can be held liable or responsible for these individual and separate policies, actions or/and damages, losses, and claims that you may incur in relation to that. Kindly be cautious and responsible whenever you are making use of the internet.

Request to access or correct, or to delete the Personal Data or the information related to our practices, policies and/or the sort of Personal Data maintained by us must be sent to us in writing via postal mail at the address mentioned above.

We may charge a nominal fee to process any of your access-to-data requests. We reserve the right to alter the terms of our Privacy Policy without notifying you in advance in order to keep your personal/corporate data fully protected.

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